Dr. Bonnie C Ferrell, Denver, CO

Bonnie Ferrell, DDS

Dentist Bonnie Ferrell, DDS, Denver CO, practices all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry.  Services include your regular dental cleaning and exams with a focus on maintaining healthy teeth and gums as well as minimizing future problems.  Her restorative expertise includes porcelain veneersdental implants, crowns and bridges.  Dr. Ferrell has extensive training in denture fabrication.  We offer traditional dentures as well as sophisticated dentures supported by implants.  While it is tempting to focus on all the advanced procedures that can be performed, we believe the key to successful dental care is careful diagnosis to determine your specific dental needs as well as a complete understanding of as your concerns and circumstancesDr. Ferrell can correct a wide variety of dental problems with state of the art technology and proven techniques and materials that can help you keep your teeth for your lifetime.  If your teeth have become problematic and your situation feels hopeless, Dr. Ferrell can  provide a choice of solutions so that you can regain the confidence and comfort of an attractive, healthy smile.

Our office is located at 125 Rampart Way, Suite 240, Denver, CO.

You can call us at 303-341-2500.

General & Cosmetic Dentistry Denver

General & Cosmetic Dentistry can give you a smile you’re happy to show off. Dr. Ferrell can give you the smile you want using one or more of the following:

Restorative Dentistry Denver

Beautiful crowns, onlays, and tooth colored fillings are pretty much standard fare in dentistry these days.  Dr. Ferrell takes the time to make sure your restorations are properly designed and sealed.  We use only first quality materials and proven methods to assure that your restorations will not only look terrific, but last a long time. 

Dental Implants Denver

Dental implants are used to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function, just like natural teeth. If you have lost teeth you can regain the ability to eat normally and smile with confidence.  Your new teeth will appear natural and your facial contours will be preserved.

TMD – Jaw and Bite Disorders

Headaches, neck aches, difficulty in chewing or opening the mouth signal Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD, sometimes referred to as TMJ).  Splints, bite guards, night guards and deprogramming appliances can help the discomfort.  The right dental treatment can fix most problems.  To schedule a consultation appointment, call our office in Denver, CO at 303-341-2500.

Laser Dentistry

With our recently upgraded laser, Dr Ferrell can treat many cavities without using the drill and often without shots!  when the laser is used for gum and other soft tissue treatments healing is faster and with better results.