A Welcome Note from Bonnie C. Ferrell, DDS


My staff and I love to welcome new patients to our practice. We realize that choosing a new dentist is an important step, and we try to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. We know that when most people visit our dental practice for the first time, it is for one of three reasons: for their regular dental cleaning and examination, for concerns about a dental issue, or for a more pressing problem that is of an emergency nature.

Whatever your needs are, our primary concern is that you receive the right care and services in a timely fashion and in the most helpful way. Our administrative team will find an appointment that fits your needs. We cannot wait to meet you. We like to refer to our practice as one of expanded general dentistry. By that, we mean that we will provide you with dental services that you would normally expect from a dentist. And by expanded, we mean that most of our services are provided right in our office and we have incorporated technological advances that allow us to provide the latest and greatest for your dental care.

It is important to remember that our approach to your care is all about you. We want to get to know you. We want to help you care for your teeth and gums in a way that benefits you. We want your experience with our team to be confidence inspiring and exactly what you want from your dental team.



Call our office in Denver today at (303) 341-2500 to schedule your next dentist appointment.

We understand that each person’s dental needs and circumstances are unique. That’s why we ask questions and get to know you. That’s why we truly want to understand what is important to you and the goals and objectives you have for your care. Only then can we create the plan that is right for you.

We want our patients to enjoy the comfort and security of knowing that their dental health and the dental health of their entire family is being cared for. To schedule an appointment for you or a family member, call our office today.