Guided Smile 101

Submitted by Bonnie C. Ferrell, DDS on June 1, 2017

If you’ve visited our website at, you may have noticed some information about “guided smile.” This revolutionary procedure, also known as “same day dentures” has been getting a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. This exciting procedure uses cutting-edge technology to make it possible for someone to walk in with no teeth and then out—mere hours later—with a beautiful, strong smile.

What is GuidedSMILE? It’s a device that allows dentists to plan, engineer, and design a beautiful, fixed smile that is unique to each patient. It factors in existing conditions, bone structure, bite analysis, and more. First, the patient is analyzed and scanned with 3D technology, then the surgery is planned on the computer to ensure precise placement of four to six implants that will secure the denture into place. This is a fixed denture that cannot be removed, and will require special care, but will provide incredible strength during chewing and a very natural, radiant smile.

Because of the use of technology to scan and design the surgery, this procedure is known for being extremely effective and safe. It’s also quite a bit faster than traditional methods, with many patients walking out with a beautiful set of teeth within hours. Implants are secured into the precise location in the bone where they are needed, ensuring a strong bite that allows for normal chewing and eliminates many of the issues associated with traditional dentures.

GuidedSMILE can be a wonderful option for those in need of dentures! To learn more, visit Dr. Bonnie C. Ferrell specializes in tooth restoration and replacement, and serves patients in the Lowry neighborhood of Denver, Colorado.