Keep Smiling with Dental Implants

A single tooth can be lost for many reasons.  A traumatic fracture, a failed root canal filling; losing a tooth can be a disheartening and sometimes frightening experience. Dental implants have made replacing a lost tooth possible. Dental implants have even made replacing a full arch of teeth a reality.  

Here’s the story, in a nutshell. A dental implant is usually* a titanium cylinder that is placed in the jawbone to take the place of the root of the lost tooth.  The surface has threads that make the implant look like a screw. At the top of the implant (called the head) there is a hole, threaded to receive an actual screw.

This screw hole and its precision screw are the mechanisms for attaching all sorts of dental restorations to the implant.  A simple restoration could be a crown that looks just like the crown dentists make to restore a natural tooth, and held in place with a tiny screw.  Two implants can hold a fixed bridge or support a lower denture. Four to six implants can retain a full arch of teeth (a denture). The possibilities are endless. Dr. Ferrell offers a full line of implant-supported restorations and dentures.

There is often some sticker shock when a person realizes the cost of implant services.  There are more steps involved in implant restoration and the materials are a little pricy. But today’s implants are placed successfully and their longevity is better than ever. And, just as it is usual to finance a new house or car, financing implant restorations is possible.  Dr. Ferrell and her staff offer payment options for implant treatment.

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